An ever-growing industry demands every day innovative products that give the leather complement a look of careful quality, in which the smallest detail is taken into account and that nothing is left to chance. The smallest detail gives an edge.

Paule has a complete range of products for each stage of the finishing of leather and synthetic edges.

PRIMER/BASE COAT: Special product for sealing the edges of leather. Facilitates luting operation leaving a smooth surface without imperfections. It ensures optimal adhesion of the following color layer, as well as a smooth and covering finish.

LUSTA FIL: Edge inks in different colors for the final finish of the edges, both leather and synthetic. The adhesion on the different substrates extraordinary.

Diversity of finishes available; gloss, satin, matte and covering. Color chart available.

Please contact us and let’s talk about which product(s) in this series fits your needs.


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