PAULE offer you top finishes which improves the outlook of leather & man-made leather, provides durability with trendy fashion solutions. Possibilities are endless.

At PAULE we aware of the global supply chain: raw materials are produced in remote corners of the world, brought and processed in another country and few products shipped and re-processed in a third country before final product reaches the store.

All this processes known as supply chain offers plenty of competitive advantages yet challenges and obstacles are important to understand and tackle.

PAULE develops, formulate and adjust top finishes, especially customised to the origin of the material and the place where the material will be treated/finished.

Our contribution to having standard/global solutions and minimise uncertain.

PAULE offer top finishes in water based systems ‘SEDALUX´ and solvent based systems ´LUSTRAL’. Formulated to country conditions, requirements, physical and chemical specs and fashion.

Service, perfection and specialty are in Paule’s DNA.

We having a wide range of custom solutions and finishing systems waiting for you.

Please contact us and let our friendly and resolving technical staff assist you.

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