This is a classic in shoe making. Materials used for making elegant, sport and casual footwear. Suedes, splits and nubucks are timeless materials.

Depending on the use or market for which this type of footwear is intended, the performance requirements vary.

Regardless of this, we know that during the production process using this type of leathers, it loses some important part of the original characteristics due to its passage through heat ovens, cold, etc. Or we simply want to add them to you by a finish designed for this purpose.

PAULE offers its CORDOBAN family of products:

  • series of revivants based on water or solvent base, to provide intensity and vividness to the colors.
  • Special and fashionable touches as well as for tone matching.

The CORDOBAN product series restores the skin to its original appearance, give it quality and performance improvement (durability).

HIDROSPRAY: Series of hydro-guard in water or solvent-based systems formulated to repel stains and water on this type of materials.

Please contact us and let’s talk about which product(s) in this series fits your needs.

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