During the manufacture of the footwear, the different materials used go through various production processes that diminish their properties and original appearance.

This decrease in nutrients and appearance is especially visible in those materials that are of animal origin (skin and its derivatives). That is, nutrients are lost that make the skin appear dry, poor and dull.

Knowledgeable of this reality, in the R&D+i laboratory of PAULE, we work on specific and special formulations; compositions to revitalize and nurture the different materials in the elaboration of footwear.

Muestra de ello es la Serie NUTREPIEL.

When we recommend any product from our NUTREPIEL series, we aiming to adding nutrients, lubricants and moisturisers restoring the original characteristics of the materials treated.

In line with the use of technology in manufacturing chemistry, we achieve more efficient production processes. PAULE R&D+I lab develops technologically more advanced and optimised NUTREPIEL items; resulting in meeting the requirements in higher performance production processes.

That is, all-in-one products that allow nourishing and finishing the skins in a single use.

We formulate and develop NUTREPIEL solutions, which we can classify to:

  • Leather: shoe, outsoles & heels.
  • Leather: garments, furniture & car seats
  • Synthetic: shoe
  • Synthetic: garments, furniture & car seats

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