Cleaning or disinfecting any material used in shoe making is an essential process; selecting proper CLINOL is fundamental to remove dirts, oils, salts, silicons, stains, grease or any impurity thus causing future finishing problems: adhesion, whitening, blooming, cracking to mention a few.

The goal of cleaners is to obtain a clear and disinfected area whereas to proceed with other finishing products.

PAULE Chemical, y en concreto el departamento de I+D+i, trabaja de forma constante en la búsqueda de fórmulas y composiciones más específicas y especializadas. Muestra de ello es la Serie CLINOL.

By recommending any of our CLINOL range of products we aim to remove all kind of dirts, impurities and stains properly.

CLINOL product range having following properties:

  1.  Remove and disinfect completely all sorts of contaminants no matter its nature.
  2.  Quick evaporation and drying time not leaving residue on the surface.
  3. Do not damage the substrate: leathers not pealed or finish not removed, for man-made leathers do not cause ‘stress-cracking’ nor swelling.
  4. Meet with all European health, environmental and safety standards.

We formulate and develop CLINOL cleaning specialties that we can classify for:

  •           Leather: shoe
  •           Leather: garments, furniture & car seats
  •           Synthetic: outsoles and heels
  •           Synthetic: shoe
  •           Synthetic: garments, furniture & car seats

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