The mixture, balance and equilibrium between natural waxes of different crops and origins, synthetic waxes, loads and selected additives allow us to formulate a whole range of Solid Waxes for the Leather/Footwear Industry immensely valued by our customers:

ABRASIVE WAXES: Soft and different abrasive capacities. Ideal for brush-off skins and for the polishing of soles and heels.

BURNISH WAXES: With a highly ageing effect, it darkens the skins thanks to beeswax. Ideal for making Antique effects and in particular for vegetable tanned skins.

ANTIQUE TUBES: With a highly unsent effect, these tubes that we call Brazil Stick, mimic the burning effect on any surface and skins without vegetable tanning (pigmented or chrome).

FILLER WAXES: Very soft waxes with medium/low abrasive capacity. They fill leather skins and soles creating very soft surfaces and improving the appearance and pore of the skin.

SHINY WAXES: Natural waxes from selected crops from different backgrounds give the leather a waxed, transparent and glossy finish.

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