The leather industry evolves in the pursuit of sustainability.

Traditional products and systems are abandoned or prohibited due to their environmental impact.

PAULE with more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of chemical specialties for leather/shoes, offers a line of premium quality finishes with the objective and commitment to meet the requirements and principles of the UN Global Compact.

To this end, we offer a super specialized range of  leather finishes. Natural, waxy, elastic and soft finishes.

Our range includes:

  1. PU water tops
  2. Fillers
  3. Waxes
  4. Compacts
  5. Water based top coats
  6. NC emulsions
  7. Non-Coloidal emulsions
  8. NC lacquers
  9. Non-NC lacquers
  10. Oils and waxes for greasy finishes
  11. Hand modifiers
  12. Pigments & dyes

Please contact us and let’s talk about which product(s) in this series fits your needs.

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